Snipe-IR, 35MM

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Small and lightweight the new SNIPE-IR has been designed to comfortably fit in front of your optical day sight. With its advanced VisRelay collimating optic the SNIPE-IR has incredible parallax making it the ideal choice for 24 hours weapon sighting applications. Its 640x480 12um micron sensor provides the most clear and incredible imagery and at a fast 60hz frame rate for on the move targeting.

The system has been ergonomically made so that the digital display with all of its icons and symbols fits perfectly into your sight picture. All controls for the thermal sight are easy to access and intuitive so that the SNIPE-IR is simple to operate for such an advanced platform.

We went the extra mile to make a user simplified sight-in procedure. One of the common issues with Clip-On systems is that they do not always work as a pass-through and need to be aligned. Our new NO SHOT ZERO feature makes any final corrections and calibrations a breeze. You will be amazed at the step-by-step user instructions that are displayed on screen to guide you through the sight-in procedure.

As an option we have integrated the new TA P S tactical remote pressure switch so you can control all basic functions from anywhere on your weapon. The system comes in two flavors depending on if you want the D-LOC mini weapon mount or the Wilcox flip-to-side mount for faster conversion.

      SNIPE-IR Features

      • CLIP-ON in front of Optical Day Sights
      • Easy to use NO SHOT ZERO feature
      • Thumb Stick Control
      • 60hz Super Fast Image
      • Image Capture
      • Military Spec Construction
      • Polarity and Zoom Modes


        Sensor Type BAE MicroIR VOx Uncooled Microbolometer
        Sensor Resolution

      640x480 (actual 640x480) 307,200 pixels

        SpectralL Band 8 - 12 μm
        Pixel Pitch 12 μm
        Sensitivity <50 mK
        Frame Rate

      30HZ / 60HZ

        Calibration NUC (Non Uniformity Correction)

        Lens Type GASIR
        Lens Coating DLC Coating
        Focal Length




        Transmission 87%
        Eye Relief 27mm

      -6 / +4


      Emagin OLED Monochrome Display


      VGA 640x480


      10 bit Digital Monochrome



        Frame Rate

      60HZ / 30HZ Selectable


      640x480 35mm - 2.5x optical 20x digital

        Field of View

      640x480 35mm - 12° optical 1.5° digital

        Dimensions 6.50" L x 3.00" H x 2.95" W
        Weight >590 grams
        Start Up Time >5 Seconds

        User Interface Thumb Stick Controller
        Polarity MaxPOL White Hot / Black Hot
        Edge Detect Edge Detection Mode
        Electronic Zoom Up to 8X Zoom Depending on System
        Range Finder Stadiametric
        DFC - Digital Focus Enhances and Sharpens Imagery
        mage Capture Image Capture special cable needed to download
        Video Output RS-170 NTSC Analog Video Special Cable required
        DFC - Digital Focus Enhances and Sharpens Imagery
        Contrast User Adjustable Contrast
        ETR - Enhanced Target Recognition Target Enhancment Software - M250/M300W Only
        Image Capture Image Capture special cable needed to download
        Weapon Mountable Custom D-LOC Mount
        Reticle Save Locations 4 Different Reticle Positions
        Reticle System 5 Reticle Patterns
        Reticle Positioning Digital Read-outs
        Reticle Adjustments Calibrated MOA in both windage and elevation