Digisight N960

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The Digisight riflescope is designed for observation and shooting in twilight or nighttime. In complete darkness (no stars or the Moon) use of the built-in IR Illuminator with 810nm wavelength (visible range) or 915nm wavelength (invisible range) is highly recommended. The riflescope is equipped with a builtin
multifunctional rangefinder with a working measuring range of 400 metres. Your riflescope is a versatile device designed for a wide range of professional and amateur applications such as hunting, sports shooting, night video recording and observation.

    Digisight N960 Features

    • Fast aperture lens 50 mm ƒ1.0
    • Long eye relief (67 mm)
    • Accurate internal focus adjustment
    • 3.5x optical magnification
    • Reticles:
    • 11 selectable reticles in riflescope's memory
    • Four reticle colours
    • Highly sensitive ½” CCD Array (752x582 pixel)
    • Quality OLED display (640x480 Pixel)
    • Continuous digital zoom up to 4x
    • Zeroing for any five distances for three weapon or cartridge profiles
    • Easy zeroing with “One Shot Zeroing” function and “FREEZE” function
    • Signal Processing Program SumLight™

    Other features:

    • Built-in rangefinder (models 76338; 76339)
    • Built-in laser IR Illuminator with adjustable power
    • Automatic power off
    • Angle of elevation measurement Weapon tilt indicator
    • Wireless remote control
    • Wide range of image brightness and contrast adjustment
    • Adjustable brightness for reticle and menu symbols
    • Resistant to bright light exposure
    • Operation at low temperatures (up to -25 °С)
    • Low battery indicator
    • Interchangeable mounts
    • Built-in clock function
    • External power supply Video output for video recording Video output disable for optimized energy consumption