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HMD-800 Head Mounted Mini-Display

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HMD-800 is a mini display unit for live streaming video signal from any thermal imaging system.  It represents a portable, self-contained monocular-type device designed for operator's convenience, observation comfort, expanding versatility of a thermal system and added stealth.

HMD-800 helps you observe the surroundings without exposing yourself.  It can be used with a remote control so you can have control over the thermal system from distance.  In addition, with HMD-800 two crew members can see through the same device at the same time.


  • Simple operation: control the HMD-800 functions with just one knob
  • Automatic PAL/NTSC format identification
  • Auto-Off. You don’t have to turn off the HMD-800. Simply unplug it from your primary optical-electronic device and the HMD-800 will turn itself off automatically
  • Flip-Up-Off Sensor. If HMD-800 is attached to a head gear or helmet mount via J-Arm adapter, flipping up the unit will temporarily turn it off
  • 800x600 High-performance color AMOLED display
  • 10 Hours battery life and any polarity battery insertion
  • Feather-weight: Only 200 grams
  • Portable size: 83x60x65mm