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From one of the leaders in thermal imaging technology, the Pulsar Axion is a compact thermal monocular that is capable of providing extreme performance! At just 5.6” long and weighing in at just 8 oz. - the size and weight of the Axion will not impact your mobility in the field. But, what really sets the Axion apart from the other compact thermal images available lies in its thermal sensor. All Pulsar Axion models are outfitted with a thermal imaging sensor that features a 12 µm pixel pitch, allowing for farther detection at higher magnifications. Additionally, the Pulsar Axion XM30 has a 30mm objective lens that detects thermal signatures out to 1200 meters!

The construction of all Axion models is rock solid – with a rugged Magnesium Alloy Housing that allows for high structural rigidity while keeping the weight to a minimum. Additionally, Axion Thermal imagers are outfitted with a hand-strap to keep the device secured to your person, especially in wet conditions. Axion devices are IP7X waterproof rated, ensuring that all Axions can handle brief submersions in water without damaging the device. The lenses of the Pulsar Axion XM30 are made from Germanium and the display is OLED, allowing the device to function in even the most adverse climates. Axion devices use Pulsar’s compact and rechargeable B-Pack Mini Power System that so the user can quickly and easily swap batteries in the field.

All controls on the Axion XM30 are laid out with ergonomics in mind, allowing users to easily manipulate their device with the use of only one hand. Like most Pulsar products, the Axion XM30 is outfitted with video and still recording – and the 16 Gb of on-board storage allows for hours of video or thousands of photos to be stored on the device. The XM30 is also compatible with the StreamVision App for Android and iOS devices allowing videos and stills to be directly shared to a mobile device.

Features of the Axion XM30 Thermal Imager

  • High Optic Magnification
  • Instant Start-up
  • HD AMOLED Microdisplay
  • IPX7 Waterproof Rated
  • Picture in Picture Function
  • Lightweight

 Axion Family Copy
Designed for all-day comfortable scouting and spotting, the user-friendly, extremely compact Pulsar Axion thermal imaging monocular features the most advanced thermal technology in the industry with a 320x240 12-micron core, 50 Hz frame rate, 1024x768 pixels AMOLED display and a new military-grade thermal imaging sensor with 12 μm pixel pitch allowing for enhanced image clarity in a much smaller unit than ever before. The Axion positively detects a 6-foot object up to 1,800 yards (XM38) away during
the day or in total darkness. Weighing a low 8.8 (XM30) and 9.5 ounces (XM38,) the Axion is made of the lightest, yet strongest structural metal in the world. Featuring Picture and Picture mode, along with the smooth 2x and 4x digital zoom, the Pulsar Axion monocular allows you to identify details, as well as ensuring an accurate shot at game. Integrated automatic calibration and pixel repair functions take the guess work out of keeping your unit functioning flawlessly. To provide the best contrast in any terrain and weather condition, the Pulsar Axion includes eight color modes with brightness and contrast adjustment for clear images day or night. Powered by Pulsar’s easily and quickly interchangeable mini B-pack battery pack, the Axion’s integrated auto-on features conserves battery life.

Four models of Axions are offered; XM30, XM38 and KEY XM30 and KEYXM22. The XM30 and KEY XM30 have a 4-16x magnification range with x4 zoom, the XM38 has a 5.5-22x magnification, while the Key XM22 has a 2-8x magnification. XM30 and XM38 have onboard Wi-Fi with recording and streaming capabilities.
The Axion XM30 4.1-16.4x24 pocket-sized thermal monocular weighs only 8.8 ounces and has a detection range of 1,400 yards. 1024x768 display resolution with a frame rate of 50 Hz means fast moving targets appear fluid, crisp and clear. Built with rugged reliability, the Axion XM30 has a textured,
non-slip grip body and is IPX7 waterproof, making it submersible in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.
An 8-color palette, simple user interface and integrated video and still image recording including audio and 16gb of internal memory make the Axion a feature-rich thermal imager in a lightweight, palm-sized monocular.
Offering the highest magnification in its class, the Axion XM38 has an incredible detection range of 1,800 yards with its 12 μm pixel pitch sensor. Small enough to fit in your pocket, this feature- rich XM38 thermal monocular is perfectly suited for all your outdoor pursuits. Revolutionary electronics make it possible to conserve battery life with the quick automatic start-up. The high-contrast AMOLED micro display with HD 320x240 resolution produces vivid colors, excellent image quality and flawless performance in any weather condition. A 5.5-22x magnification range with fluid x4 digital zoom helps identify details in objects during the day and at night in almost any type of condition.
Features include vivid images and textured housing made of the strongest structural metal in the world ensures a non-slip grip.

With the highest magnification in its class at 5.5-22x and detection range of 1,800 yards, the Axion XM38 thermal monocular is a pocket-sized powerhouse! Features include HD vivid images and housing made
of the strongest structural metal in the world.

The 2-8x magnified Pulsar Axion KEY XM22 thermal monocular features a 1,000-yard detection range,
full-color LCOS 960x720 high resolution micro-display, multiple color modes and easy-to-use digital
controls. Instant start-up conserves battery life and the mini B-pack battery pack makes battery changes
in the field quick and easy. Rugged housing and submersible, the Axion KEY XM30 functions flawlessly in
adverse conditions and guarantees improved imaging at increased magnification.
With the highest detection range in its class at 1,800 yards, the Pulsar Axion KEYXM38 thermal imaging
monocular has a 5.5-22x magnification, picture-in-picture, smooth digital zoom and a vivid full-color
display during the day and in complete darkness. Highlights include instant-on, quick-change mini B-pack
rechargeable battery pack and a 320x240 microbolometer resolution sensor.

Key XM30
At just 8.8 ounces and small enough to carry in your pack, the Pulsar Axion Key XM30 Thermal
Monocular is proof big performance can come in a small package. The Axion Key XM30 is built for
reliable use, even in adverse conditions, with an all-metal, magnesium-alloy body and is waterproof
rated IPX7, submersible in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Performance comes in the form of an
advanced 320x240 microbolometer sensor with 12μm pixel pitch for improved imaging at increased
magnification and in adverse conditions, 960x720 LCOS micro-display, 8-color imaging palette, 2.5-10x

magnification, picture-in-picture, easy user interface, instant startup and an extended 1,400-yard heat-
signature detection range.

Small enough to fit in your pocket, the Axion Key XM30 Thermal Monocular is proof big performance
comes in small packages. It features a 960x720 LCOS micro-display, 8-color imaging palette, 2.5-10x
magnification and 1,400-yard detection range.


Dimensions: 5.6" x 1.7" x 2.7"
Weight: .5 lbs
Monocular Magnification: 4.1-16.4x
Field of View: 13.7x10.3 @ 100 m
Thermal Sensitivity: 12 micrometer
Sensor Resolution: 320x240 pix. 50 hz.
Display: 1024x768
Battery Type Li-Ion Battery Pack APS3
Operating Time 4+ hours
Optic Details 

F28/1.2 Objective
13.7x10.3 m @ 100 m